Slitter machines for foil (Jumbo Roll)

Slitter machines for thermal transfer ribbon

Roll cutter for Master Roll

  • Core 17mm
  • Core 25mm
  • Core 76mm

Printing Roller Machines for Hot Transfer Foils on UV relief Varnish

Ultra Gold Machine

on: Paper Plastic Textile Leather Wood Metals Glass

Cutting Machine

General description:

  1. Rotary knife – usable 360°
  2. Antiflaction shaft with rubber insert for knife safety
  3. Pressure on shaft by spring and mechanical expansion by key
  4. Foil roll rotation, without vibration, up to roll diameter 150mm
  5. Antiflaction central arm for small roll 800mm
  6. Roll size selection by digital counter – step 1mm
  7. Easy translation of the knife, along steel guides, with rolling spheres
  8. Maximum width of roll 1520mm
  9. Maximum diameter of roll 150mm
  10. Minimun width of cutting roll 5mm
  11. Safety carter for motor and knife
  12. Table width 4 wheels – Kg 50 (OPTIONAL)

UV RELIEF Printing Metallic Foil – No Embossing